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Paul C. Ng Wai

Early Life & Biography

Paul Ng Wai grew up in San Fernando, Trinidad, and was not sure what he wanted to become. After realizing that there were a lot of constraints to becoming a movie star, or super cool tech or video games personality, and with limited guidance at the time, he put his big time entrepreneurial dreams on hold. He quickly got into computing instead and was due to his passion for video games. 

His broad quality experiences serving as an analyst, and freelance consulting were deeply impacting and meaningful, with profoundly shaping lessons in leadership, personal integrity, professionalism, and the value of unwavering commitment to service.  Yet still something was missing. It was a burning desire to become his best self, and help change the world positively in any way possible. 

He saw that in his jobs he was not making the kind of money he needed to accomplish his vision and goals. Soon after marriage in 2015 his daughter Theseven was born in April 2016. This represented a really rough patch for him as he struggled with dis-empowering encounters in his corporate, social, family, and personal life while he tried to use his own influence to help chart his family to wealth and financial freedom. 

After many unsuccessful attempts, seeming stress-related illness, growing personal disappoints and negative emotions, in January 2019, Paul then finally  realized that he needed to believe in his leadership and entrepreneurial abilities, his persistence to not give up, his superb research skills, and his imagination to chart a new course towards wealth generation.

 Always a lover of creative architecture and design in general, Paul's journey into real estate investing started through a common medium for many. After a series of depressing corporate experiences, Paul took up freelancing as a consultant. During this time, he had the opportunity to glance at hours of HGTV while working from home. His wife would regularly switch to HGTV while he worked, and it was during this time that he really identified with his passion for real estate.  

Now Paul has realized this passion for real estate investing with his company Progressive Real Estate Services (PRES) LLC. PRES LLC caters especially to first time buyers and sellers, because he always keeps his own personal experiences of first-time troubles close at heart, and seeks to help people who face these challenges. Although he focuses on first-timers, PRES LLC can equally serve the established and savvy real estate investor. 

Simply put, Paul is someone who wants to change the world in the most positive way possible, and he is willing to do whatever he can to help anyone, where ever they are based. Being the visionary and entrepreneur that he is, Paul has embraced the opportunity for real estate investing to help distressed houses, and people in distressful situations. He decided to take this first leap starting in Louisville, KY, and eventually intends to help as many people as he can all across the US, and beyond that, globally.

A Venture That Revitalized The Soul

Prior to  forming PRES LLC, Paul worked in management consulting and ICT spanning a period of over 12 years. Although this work was exciting and challenging, he quickly realized that his career was not leading him to achieve his goals of continuing to deliver value AND to realize the financial and personal freedom he deeply desired. Especially after being on the negative end of corporations with many egotistical managers, and despite his expertise, he soon found that his desire to provide his greatest work, and best self, was often undermined and constrained by his 'bosses' and 'peers' actions and nasty office politics. 

In January 2019, after experiencing physical ailments due to  anxiety, stress in the workplace, wavering family and friendship relations, waning desire to work for other primitive leadership paradigms, and a three year mid-life battle he finally decided to make the bold move of stepping out on his own to pursue the long time passion he held with Real Estate Investing. This would be his first step toward charting a path to wealth generation for himself and his family, with the ultimate intention of growing generational wealth and helping millions of people along the way.

The Progressive Real Estate Services (PRES) LLC brand was borne out of a desire for positive change and innovation in the the provision of real estate services. This along with a combination of meaningful watchwords and values, was used to established ten golden rules which Paul purposefully refers to as his "10 golden rules for all my business endeavors and interactions".

His 10 golden rules in real estate are: 

1. Deliver results through hard work

2. Treat with uncompromising integrity

3. Build sound relationships

4. Focus on quality

5. Maintain professionalism

6. Strive for exceptional customer service

7. Provide undeniable value for time and money

8. Be trustworthy

9. Always listen, empathize, and empower

10. Pay attention to every detail 

 Under the guidance of some very accomplished and recognized professionals, he sharpened his real estate investing skills, and learned all about the industry. While new to real estate, Paul has earned the respect of his previous clients throughout his career by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice. 

"As an adviser, my first priority is to make my clients happy. I listen to my clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every situation, and strive to ensure that the buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. My clients can count on me any time of day when they have a question or concern. One of the best praises I've ever received from a manager was: "You are one of the best [analyst's], if not THE best I have ever worked with". Helping people to achieve maximum value for their time and money like that - ultimately making my clients happy, makes me so proud it drives everything I do!".

If you're looking for an investor who listens, cuts your costs, maximizes your returns, and can close very fast with no hassle, Paul would love to work with you! He's gained excellent communication abilities, unmatched attention to detail, and undying customer devotion, and he brings this and more to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


 As a conscientious investor Paul exudes credibility, commitment, and determination. His passion for real estate is apparent through his professional, yet down to earth communication skills, and a warm and friendly approach. He hopes that his future successes will be based almost exclusively on positive referrals. 

As an adviser, there will be no better advocate for you than Paul. Whether you are buying at bargain prices, selling for the best offers, renting for increased cash flow, or looking at hands-off real estate investment opportunities, he will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. 

If you are selling, he will ensure sure that you the fairest price, in the least amount of time, by using technology, strategic collaboration, and superior marketing techniques. If you are buying, he will provide you with the best information to inform and assist you so you can be a well equipped with the strongest possible negotiating position.

As someone coming from a very distressful home situation, Paul understands too well that buying and selling real estate can be quite stressful. He will work hard to reduce your stress level and make your experience as smooth as possible. To accomplish this, Paul uses thorough and constant communication, and by being accessible whenever you need him to be.

"My enthusiasm for helping others and my deeply caring, analytical, and listening abilities help me connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible." 

Personal Life & Approach To Living

Although Paul operates virtually and is not deeply connected to Kentucky physically, he hopes one day soon that he can eventually own a suitable property in KY, and spend much more time in the tranquil, historic, and beautiful land of KY and the US. Paul is looking wholeheartedly to support numerous local organizations and charities in whatever way he can contribute.

With passion for customer-focus, and service, Paul is ready to help with your home buying and selling needs. His intention and core principle is to treat you, as he would like to be treated, or as the reference goes, "Do onto others as you would like to be done onto you".  

It is this approach that has helped him to consistently be a person whom many have gravitated towards, to seek advice and counselling. Paul simply believes that everyone should be part of an enjoyable process, because ultimately "it is only through such processes, can win-win situations be achieved".  His method is to empower and guide so that you leave more knowledgeable and confident in decision-making regardless of the specific nature of your needs.

A genuine love for people as reflected in his style, his approach has never failed to enable others to note his friendliness, authenticity, and care. Paul sincerely want's to provide the best real estate experience you ever encountered, and this is ever reflected in his tagline, "More than just real estate investing".

When not assisting clients or considering other investments, Paul enjoys philosophy, learning, cooking, travelling, reading, writing for novels and film, listening to music, singing, dancing, spending time with his daughter Theseven and family, relaxing, and entertaining their friends.

Some final words from Paul says it all, "It would be a real pleasure and a true honor to work for you! Let me show you what great virtual service can be like, and I will make it especially worth your time."

Want to learn more about how we can work together? Call or text me anytime at 1-270-214-8011.

Thanks for reading my story, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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